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Meteor Hill Candlewick (2001) Sec. A Gelding Bengad Candle Nut x Westwood Caper

"Wicket" was our very first foal born at Meteor Hill. Needless to say, he is the most socialized! He will go anywhere you want him to, up stairs or down, over tarps, through water, even in the house given a chance. He thrives on attention, and is the first to come to the gate when we call. We have just started working with him undersaddle and he is the easiest pony I have ever work with. He will make some child very happy.

Meteor Hill Lady Liberty 2002 Sec. A (Gay-Pat Stormy X Westwood Caper)

"Libby" proves that good things come in small packages. She is only 11.2 which is smaller than I want for breeding stock, but she is cute as a button and loves to please. As one friend stated, "She's so pretty that she makes you want to cry." I have had a hard time getting good pictures of her since every time I try to take a picture she is walking up to me to be loved.

Meteor Hill Taquila 2002 reg. 1/2 Welsh (Gay-Pat Stormy x Cactus)

Taquila has been a lap pony from birth. We would turn her out in the yard to play and while we were working in the barn, every 5 minutes she would run back to get a pat. Super easy to work with and willing to please,` she is a marvel. She the best of both of her parents, and will make some child a wonderful pony in any discipline. Teamed up with her sister Meteor Hill Margarita, they would make an awesome matched driving pair.

Meteor Hill Margarita 2003 1/2 Welsh (Gay-Pat Stormy x Cactus)

The full sister to Meteor Hill Tequila, Margarita is identical in almost every way. The only difference being, Margarita has a small sock on the left hind leg. As easy to handle as her sister, Margarita is also very eager to please. I could copy everything I said about Tequila and paste it here and it would all be true.

Meteor Hill Yankee 2003 (Crystal Creek Dapper Dude X TDF Dream Catcher)

"Yankee" came with his mother at 4 weeks of age, and his paper's were due to follow, but never showed up. He is supposedly by Crystal Springs Dapper Dude, but without the paper work, I can't register him. He was wild as a coot when he got here, but has settled into the routine and is now a friendly, well socialized part of our farm. He is ready to start light training this summer, and he should be a wonderful child's pony when finished.

Meteor Hill Spirit 2004 Filly TDF Dream Catcher

Spirit is a chestnut roan paint with the looks and movement to go all the way. Great temperment, and has been handled by children since she was born. She has participated in parades as well as 4-h demonstrations.

Meteor Hill Joint Venture

Meteor Hill Joint Venture, 2004 colt out of Naomi. aka "George" is Naomi's third foal for us and is just as nice as the rest. He is super friendly and has been handled extensively. As with all of our foals, he was in his first Christmas parade at age 5 months. He is super easy to handle, and very willing to learn. Should mature to top of the line medium.

Meteor Hill Sneaky Pete.

Meteor Hill Sneaky Pete is our last foal by Neomi and Gay-Pat Stormy.  He is full brother to Meteor Hill Joint Effort, Meteor Hill Rosie the Riviter, and Meteor Hill Joint Venture.  This lettle fella had to have surgury at 5 months old and stay in a stall from then until he was a full year old.  Even with all the hardships that he has gone through, he is one of the best little guys.  He loves to be handled, comes when he is called and is always interested in what you are going to do next.  He already has been body clipped, bathed, and had his mane pulled, stands in cross ties and will let you do anything to him.  He is going to make someone a wonderful show pony with the looks and conformation to make a great 1/2 Welsh Stallion.

Meteor Hill Sneaky Pete, aka Petey